What’s the Process?

Bart Simpsons
Bart Simpsons
Santa Cruz Orthodontics Proof
Santa Cruz Orthodontics Proof

STEP 1 – You fill out and submit the form below.   This is the first step to setting up a preliminary meeting to view, measure and photograph the site, and discuss your project however broadly you’re thinking.

STEP 2 – I will provide you with the sketch and proposed artwork as discussed, and revise as many times as is necessary. We will write, and sign a Contract and Approval of Artwork, so that everyone is clear in agreement.

Santa Cruz Orthodontics
Santa Cruz Orthodontics 95% complete

STEP 3 – We schedule when the work will be performed, business hours or after hours, and we get started.  Day one is generally prepping the space, chalk outlines and starting to paint.  It happens that quickly.

STEP 4 – Once completed, I’ll provide you with all the paperwork that governs the agreement, along with any Warranties and Maintenance clauses provided in the contract.  This is your Close-Out Binder.

Are you ready to get started?

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